About me

I used to be an engineer
but now I'm fine.

Copywriter & more | Brandise

2016 – Present

It’s always been about words for me. I’ve been writing since I was eight. 
Drawing from my experience as an engineer, I want to bridge the gap between tech and words. My absolute dream is to write for the aerospace. What can I say? Mothership is calling.

Engineer | Airbus Helicopters

2012 – 2014

Do you know why helicopters ‘fly’? Because they are ugly and the Earth rejects them. 
Looks aside, helicopters are an engineering marvel. I got to see that first hand. While at Airbus, I simulated flows, participated at certifications, wrote reports, and other geeky stuff.

Scientist | TU Munich

2008 – 2012

By far the coolest thing I’ve ever written is my PhD thesis – ‘Studying the effects of shockwave-turbulent boundary layer interaction by means of Implicit Large Eddy simulations’. 
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