I used to be an engineer,
but now I am fine.

The truth is I am a very curious person. I need to know how stuff is made and what it’s made of. So I became an engineer. Pretty straightforward, right? Wrong! It took me a while to realize that to write is to exist, so here I am, a copywriter with a strange background — aerospace engineering.
Instead of dwelling on it, I turned my engineering education into a strength that paves the way for structured and analytical thinking. Plus it gives me a head start in technical copywriting projects.
Add to that an empathetic and creative nature, fluency in English and German, intercultural experience, mad editing skills and you get Oana, the copywriter.



It is my own experience that taught me best.

Brandise Communication

Working for boutique branding studio Brandise Communication made me come out of my writing bubble. The rewards? Amazing and then some!
For the past years, I have been part of impactful projects and courageous endeavours. Depending on the needs of a brand, I dived into research and analyses, tended to clients’ needs, contributed to establishing the information architecture on various websites, set social media strategies, wrote web content or content for social media platforms, contributed to verbal identity change.

Life of Two

I co-founded this lifestyle website/blog out of passion for communication — I like to experiment with different writing styles.
Depening on time, I post texts once or twice a week, giving my two cents on hot topics that influence our lives: family and parenting, education, politics, travel, etc. Every now and then, I interview interesting people. Sometimes I also post short stories.

AIRBUS Helicopters

Do you know why helicopters fly? Because they are so ugly that the earth rejects them. Joke aside, they might not be the best looking machines, but they are a marvel of technology. Their controls are highly interconnected, completely dependent on each other — in nonlinear equilibrium, as they call it.
Working for AIRBUS was amazing because it satisfied my curious nature. Also, I got a glimpse at the aerospace industry communication from the inside.

Technische Universität München

If you made it this far, nothing can stop you now. Not even the four years I was a geek, looking into supersonic flows. I performed numerical simulations, programmed and wrote about it.
The outcome? I learned German, got to travel a bit, polished my public speaking skills, published some scientific articles, but, most importantly, my PhD — 150 pages of science written in a humane way.

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