The biggest lesson to learn is that you always have a lesson to learn

This sounds more like a life mantra but let’s stick to the work-life, shall we?

In my professional life, I swung from engineering to copywriting. I have come in contact with so many types of people. What set the extraordinaries apart from the averages was the hunger to learn.

And no, I am not talking about the self-improvement videos or books. Those things are quite ineffective in my opinion. I am talking about that innate desire to turn the stone in front of you to see what’s under it. That kind of stuff they don’t teach.

Here’s the thing.

The world is made of averages, or normal people, not extraordinaries. If I am being perfectly honest, I think that to be normal, not tormented by curiousity, is quite healthy. Mentally, in particular.

But it is the latter that push it forth, that drive that change everyone speaks of these days. And it has a certain price, of course. Sanity.

If you are willing to accept you are a little mad, there is literally no limit to the things you can learn. If you understand that there will never be an end to the things you can build, discover, invent, I truly believe you can do or be anything.

I am writing this post as a reminder to my future self.

Always look for a job where your colleagues are extraordinaries – people who love to learn with and from you, people who can also teach and inspire you. There is nothing wrong than standing still and thinking you know it all.